Those swaths of bluebells are fabulous, Richard - almost as it you were in the woods in Baie D'urfe at the community centre?! Hang in there, they're coming!

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Lovely photos! Yes, I've thought of visiting in spring only to see those bluebells...

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Apr 7Liked by Richard Gregson FRSB

I. I hate to be a contrarian, but who says we we are terribly dissatisfied by the small quiet things!? We are at all adrenalin junkies or need exciting, "on steroids" material. It's good to look peacefully at peaceful things!

2. Bluebells- they absolutely dominate one of our beds right now. Other perennials have to push up through all those strsppy leaves! My wife tells me we used to have fritillaries but they're long gone alas!

3. Flickers- one of our favorites! Sometimes I hear them before I can see them-.as they make their scuffling noises in dry leaves. They are definitely Royal Birds in our estimation!

4. Doonesbury- one could definitely do worse!

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I like the quiet things too ... that's two of us at least, four including our spouses I guess. The bluebells in the picture are a strictly European species ... there are other spring flowers known as bluebells but they are not "real" bluebells. Doonesbury is always on the ball.

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